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“The production is excellent – both technically and aesthetically. And we appreciate how your folks really "hung in there," even when the hours got late. You have a professional team and it shows in the end result. Congratulations!”
Linda Henry
Sr. Vice President, William A. Robinson, Inc.
"Aqua Chem Pool and Spa Care Videotape"

Prime Cut utilizes very experienced writers, producers, directors and post-production experts. We produce live event broadcasting via satellite, 'behind the scenes' packages, electronic press kits and video news releases. We shoot and produce entertainment news, reality/magazine style shows, corporate communications and documentaries as well as miscellaneous foreign projects.

Prime Cut can supply any of your production needs, from a multi-camera HD OB truck, to 35mm film, to a single cameraman for on-the-street interviews.

In our twenty years, we've shot in every European country and all over Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Our teams are at home in any situation, from multi-camera staged events in the Louvre, to underwater artists painting 'Mermaids' in the Red Sea, to tracking down Santa Claus for a live shot from the North Pole.

Since Prime Cut specializes in shooting overseas for American audiences it’s only natural that the circle of production is a 2 way street. European broadcasters and foreign networks and producers count on Prime Cut to guide them through the international production labyrinth, starting in 1988, when Prime Cut produced a 4 city live satellite uplink covering the U.S. election coverage in the U.S. for French television. Four “live” sets all downlinking to Washington D.C. and uplinking live to France was a great success.

“Ushuaia” now seen in English on CNBC was one of France’s most popular programs ever seen on number one French station TF1. In the tradition of another famous Frenchman, Jacques Cousteau, host Nicolas Hulot, a handsome adventurer, soared through the air and explored the depths of the seas all the while touting the beauty and ecological fragility of the world we live in. Prime Cut produced segments for “Ushuaia”, but was also instrumental in working with Nicolas in creating the pilot that launched the series into the U.S. market.

“Stuntmasters” was a co-production between Canal Plus and GRB Productions seen on the Discovery Channel. Prime Cut acted as production liaison in France during production of the whole series. Famous stunt ­meister Remy Julian (known for his James Bond stunts) and his team pulled off the world’s most outrageous stunts and Prime Cut made sure international audiences got a front row seat.

In September 2004, PMTV in Pennsylvania hired Prime Cut to manage their Paris production for an international IBM Business Leadership Forum hosted by IBM's CEO, Sam Palmisano. Working with Vision TV trucks and Jack Morton Worldwide, Prime Cut helped manage the production for the 350 top CEO's from leading European companies who heard talks regarding On Demand computing networks.

For three consecutive yars, the company provided tecnical facilities and on-location productions management for QVC's live "Cure by the Shore" chairty Specials Broadcast during the Cannes Film Festival.

In 1988, one of Prime Cut’s first jobs was to produce a multi- city live satellite uplink covering the U.S. election coverage in the U.S. for French television. The multi-city coverage downlinked to Washington D.C. and uplinked live to France with great success.

Prime Cut works around the world guiding producers and networks through the international production labyrinth.

Prime Cut Productions produces (and assists other producers) in creating “behind-the-scenes” segments, “electronic press kits” and “video news releases.” This involves documentary and news style reporting, navigating exotic locations, movie sets, live events, and interviewing celebs ranging from artist David Hockney to superstar Sylvestor Stallone.

BTS - MTV’s “Dennis Rodman’s World Tour” hired Prime Cut to production manage their shoot on film in the south of France, while Dennis was shooting a movie with Jean Claude Van Damme and Mickey Rourke. MTV had to wrangle Dennis while Prime Cut handled the logistics on the Riviera, booked the models, yachts, helicopters, and sought out the McDonald’s hamburgers for Dennis.

VNR ­ Working for Media Source and their client Lane Bryant, Prime Cut L.A. organized production support for VNRs airing before Oscars 2005. Big girls just want to have fun and look great too! With Kathy Najimy, Mia Tyler and America Ferraro.

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