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USA - Los Angeles
Vikki Loh-Berri
CEO/Executive Producer
Tel: 310-308-3584
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France - Paris, Cote D'Azur
Michel Champouret
Production Manager
Italy / Netherlands
“Prime Cut cuts through the red tape of foreign television production to deliver outstanding results and highly-rated content.”
John Rieber
Senior Vice President, Programming and Production, G4
Previously: Senior Vice President, Programming, E!
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Multi-Cultural Entertainment

Prime Cut Productions is your international media service in the world of corporate and television production. We produce reality, entertainment, fashion, food, lifestyles, celebrities, live events, and news, for you.

Check out our photos in the Gallery from the Cannes Film Festival from 1987 to the present.

3/15/2012 - Check out our new blog on the Paranormal World: Ghost Charmers International

5/10/2010 - Prime Cut is now actively forming partnerships in the following countries: Australia, China, Portugal, and Spain.

5/1/2009 - Prime Cut is now under new ownership!

  • Interview with Lisa See, Author of "Shanghai Girls" and many others
  • New YouTube Channel Prime Cut Media Productions - Multi-Cultural Family Entertainment Channel - Beauty pageants, Fashion, Cooking, Wine, Kids, Martial Arts, and more
  • Gastronomy Cooking Show, Fine Wine, Traveling, Family - Spain, Italy, Portugal
  • Boys' TV Series, ages 9-14, sports, action-adventure
  • Kung Fu Feature Length Movie
  • Co-producing healthy lifestyle, fitness, cooking - China
  • TV concept stage - People making it after 50 - how they made it after 50, cooking for a healthier lifestyle for 50+
  • International Beauty Pageant - Miss Progress International - Italy
  • Games and Cooking for Mobile Platforms
  • Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) and Liam Hemsworth, Teen Vogue Production Shoot, Paris, July 2009, Comcast
  • The Travel Channel, "1000 Places to See Before You Die", technical and content support, 2007
  • Entertainment Tonight - 3 shows with Mary Hart and more;
  • AMC/Scott Sternberg Productions "Sunday Morning Shootout" 3 half hour shows with Brian Grazer/Ron Howard, Olivier Stone and X-Men's Brett Ratner and Hugh Jackman;
  • + G4 and Bennett Productions "The List."
  • E! Entertainment Television, "True Hollywood Story", crew and producer, interview south of Spain, 2006
  • PMTV/IBM/Jack Morton Worldwide - IBM meeting in Rome, Trucks and production manager, April 2006
  • New Dominion Pictures - "A Haunting" 2 stories directed and shot in Ireland and the U.K., Discovery Channel, 2006
  • Leva Filmworks - "Kubrick" DVD, interview shot in Paris, 2006
  • ITENT - "Raid on the Reactor" Israeli bombing of Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, interviews Paris, Belgium, Discovery Military. 2006
  • Popular Arts - "Where did it come from?" interviews, UK, History Channel, 2006
  • 1244, Blue Book Films, French Production Unit - DaVinci project
  • Beantown - "DaVinci Declassified", The Learning Channel, 2005
  • BBC U.S. - "What Not to Wear" Winners go to Paris, French unit, The Learning Channel, 2005
  • Pilgrim Films - "American Chopper", Discovery prime time, 2005
  • Dick Block Communications, "Betty Gold - Artist", Mallorca, 2005
  • E! Television International - host interviews, "Sexiest Bodies of 2005"
  • QTelevision, "Brunch", Mipcom, host stand-ups, 2005
  • World Poker Tour - Euro Finals of Poker, 4th season - The Travel Channel, 2005
  • Paul O'Grady Show, Cannes Film Festival, Granada, UK, 2005
  • Shop NBC - Paris (Tissavel Faux Fur Coats) and Florence (Gold), 2005 3nd year
  • CityTV - Movietelevision, Cannes Film Festival, 10 yrs
  • New Dominion Pictures, "Interpol" produced locations include Dublin, Malta, Egypt, France, Luxembourg, 2005

  • E! Entertainment, Lagerfeld, Valentino, Lily Tomlin, 2005
  • CNN "Inside Africa", Cannes Film Festival, 2005
  • VH1 - stock footage, "Red Carpet 2005"

Note: As of May 2010 Janice Kaplan/Frank Battaglia and Edward Flaherty are no longer with Prime Cut Media Productions, Inc. (PMCP, Inc.) They are not involved in any of PMCP's current projects. Edward Flaherty has video equipment that belongs to PCMP. He does not own any rights to any footage shot with PCMP equipment. Please verify with PCMP ownership rights to any footage provided by Mr. Flaherty. Thank you.

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