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Inglorius Basterds Press Conference: Eli Roth, Brad Pitt, and Diane Kruger - 2009 Cannes
Film Festival.

Jim Carrey - 2009 Cannes Film Festival.

Edward Flaherty, Vikki Loh-Berri, Dave Clothier at 2009 Cannes Film Festival.

Edward Flaherty getting the inside scoop from Sharon Stone for E! Entertainment at the
Cannes Film Festival.

Michael Moore and Harvey Weinstein on the set of AMC's Sunday Morning Shootout
discussing their hit film Sicko with Peter Bart and Peter Guber.

The director Cristian Mungiu with the Palme d'Or, is congratulated with a kiss from the
legendary Jane Fonda. The Palme d'Or ("Golden Palm") is the highest prize given to a
competing film at the Cannes Film Festival.

Michael Moore premiered his exciting new film on the American Health Care System to
raucous applause at the 2007 film festival. Moore takes members of the 9-11 rescue team
to Cuba for medical treatment which they could not receive in America.

Each evening in Cannes, crowds gather around the Red Carpet for the promenade up the
STEPS. This year "The Da Vinci Code" attracted a record numbers of fans.

Hofit Golan, Bruce Willis, Petra Nemocova, Scott Henshall - press conference on the RM
Elegant for the 'Big Red Book' - photos of celebrities raising money for tsunami victims. Petra
survived but lost her beloved boyfriend there. She was one of our favorite celebs attending the

The Rm Elegant, a greek yacht that has a staff of 30, sleeps 30 and was built in 2005.
Totally high tech and rents for 60,000€ per night.

Justin Kahn, co-founder of Wireimage, working at the star-studded AMFAR event with us.

Our favorite Pizzeria this year on rue Jean de Riouffe.

Client and friend Leigh Simons (Big Red Book - making of) and cameraman Victor Muh,
after a day of hard work in Monaco.

Production Assistant Rory Magnus tries to quiet down the set for AMC's "Sunday a.m.
Shootout" with Peter Bart and Peter Guber and guest Oliver Stone.

Bienvenue Mary! Entertainment Tonight's lovely host Mary Hart in Cannes for the "Da Vinci
Code." It was her first ever visit to the festival! We shot 3 ET shows the first 2 days of the

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth in Paris, December 2009.

Vikki Loh-Berri at 2009 Venice Film Festival.

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