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“Your direction and field production for our story on "Lourdes" demonstrated some of the best pure documentary coverage I have ever seen. The result was a moving, entertaining, and informative episode that you should both be very proud of. It was a joy working with you, and I hope we are all fortunate enough to work with your again in the near future.”
Keith Cornell
Team Entertainment / The Travel Channel
"Places of Mystery"

“The production is excellent – both technically and aesthetically. And we appreciate how your folks really "hung in there," even when the hours got late. You have a professional team and it shows in the end result. Congratulations!”
Linda Henry
Sr. Vice President, William A. Robinson, Inc.
"Aqua Chem Pool and Spa Care Videotape"

“I've worked with Prime Cut Productions for over 10 years. Not only are they well connected and skilled project partners, they also make the experience fun... which, believe me, in this business, means a lot! I recommend their services to anyone who has production needs in Europe or elsewhere.”
René Barnett
Co-President Bluebook Films, Producer: Relic Quest, Sci Fi Channel, and Previously: Production Exec, Ripley’s Believe it or Not

“Prime Cut cuts through the red tape of foreign television production to deliver outstanding results and highly-rated content.”
John Rieber
Senior Vice President, Programming and Production, G4
Previously: Senior Vice President, Programming, E!

Hello, everyone!

My name is Vikki Loh-Berri. I am the new CEO/Executive Producer of Prime Cut Productions.

While we still provide media production services domestically and abroad, we are now expanding and diversifying Prime Cut to handle pitching TV concepts, distribution, pre-sales, producing feature-length movies, TV series, docudramas and continuing to produce reality shows and documentaries.

Under my direction, I am also now bringing PC up to speed on the new technology that is available. We now handle the new media opportunities that are available including niche branded entertainment, enhanced interactive capabilities, distribution by VOD, Internet download subscriptions, and WEBTV.

We are also in the developmental stages of co-producing children's TV shows.

I look forward to working with all of you. I hope we can do business together.

Thank you for your time and for your coming to check out my website.

Kindest regards,
Vikki Loh-Berri, CEO/Executive Producer
Prime Cut Productions

Prime Cut Productions was created to service American producers' growing need for assistance in their European operations. The company's goal is to make international productions accessible and affordable to the U.S. television and corporate markets.

Prime Cut utilizes writers, producers, directors and post-production experts. The company produces live event broadcasting via satellite, 'behind the scenes' electronic press kits and video news releases. We also produce entertainment news for syndication and cable, reality/magazine style shows, corporate communications and documentaries as well as miscellaneous productions for foreign broadcast networks.

Prime Cut was at the Berlin Wall when it came down in 1989, for Whittle Communications Channel One; was in South Africa in 1994 when apartheid was lifted, and Nelson Mandela was running for President. We shot the first Ms. World Contest with Pierce Brosnan, Vanessa Williams, Lou Gossett Jr., Christie Brinkley and Carol Alt) in Sun City.

Prime Cut has provided equipment, crews and story ideas to syndicated hit shows like "Entertainment Tonight," "Hard Copy," "Inside Edition" and "Current Affair," and soon expanded into producing feature packages for clients as varied as Apple Computers, PBS's "NOVA," City TV's "Media Television," and the Oprah Winfrey show. The Playboy Channel hired Prime Cut to write, produce and edit stories for their popular reality series "Foreign Late Night."

The company produced European elements for studio feature film EPKs like "Cliffhanger: and "The Fifth Element;" and the European part of documentaries such as "Joan of Arc," "Sean Connery," and "The Dreyfus Affair," as well as infomercials for clients like Service Merchandise and the Home Shopping Network and tin October of 2002, "Shop NBC."

Since 1988, the company has coordinated coverage of the Cannes Film Festival for clients like E! Entertainment Television, CNN's "Shobiz Today," and HBO, plus running press junkets Prime Cut has produced entertainment and lifestyle segments in locations stretching from Estonia to Cape Town to Siberia.

In 1996 Prime Cut produced the warmly received series "Europe's Classic Inns" for The Travel Channel. Each of the thirteen half-hour episodes is set in an enchanting region of Europe like Tuscany or the Scottish Highlands and features "Classic Inns" and their charming and usually eccentric owners. Its popularity kept it running four times a week on The Travel Channel until the end of 1998. Goldhil Home Media distributes "Europe's Romantic Inns."

Prime Cut also specializes in live location (OB) events. For three consecutive years, the company provided technical facilities and on-location production management for QVC's live "Cure by the Shore" charity specials broadcasting during the Cannes Film Festival. These events have raised over three million dollars for breast cancer research. "Vicenza Gold" was broadcast live from northern Italy.

In 2000, QVC asked Prime Cut to supervise its live transmission from Santa Claus' Workshop near the North Pole (Finland) to kick off the Christmas shopping season, broadcasting live on Thanksgiving Day.

In 1997, the company produced a WW2 series titled "The B-24 Trilogy." These four one-hour programs on the Victory Bombers were designed specifically for the home video market and are distributed domestically by Goldhil and internationally by Vision Films.

Prime Cut has consulted for international co-productions such as "Stuntmasters" and "Ushuaia - The Ultimate Adventure." In 1999, we served as development executive under Gary Kurtz, (producer of Lucas' "Star Wars") on an animated series starring the Marx Brothers characters.

With L.A. writers, a French design team, and a Polish animation studio, their international experience and diplomatic skills were instrumental in getting this two-million dollar project made into a pilot. In typical Marx Brothers fashion, the project was put on hold due to a dispute between the Marx Brothers.

During the 2001-2002 season of the (Columbia/Woodbridge Production) highly rated TBS series "Ripley's Believe It or Not," Prime Cut produced stories ranging from cockroach eaters in the UK, to gladiators in Italy and an underwater painter who donned scuba gear in the Red Sea, Israel.

In addition, Prime Cut continues to furnish second unit film crews for films, commercials and movies-of-the-week in France and Italy and is currently working with a new-media team to handle live streaming video events over the Internet. Prime Cut is also in the process of developing a number of Reality series involving topics from paleontology to lifestyles shows on European style, design, and spas.

Vikki Loh-Berri
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